Christmas 2012 at The Old House

By common consent this was a vintage Christmas with all the immediate family here to celebrate Christmas. Jonathan & Luiza and family arrived a couple days before the Landrock Road party. This meant that Jonathan and Anita had the opportunity to get to know Leila, the Alsatian from Brook End, who just loved being taken out for walks and activity. Diana assisted by Ella cooked and served up a delicious Christmas lunch with largest turkey yet seen at The Old House and never soon enough for Lucas and Anita it was finally time to open the most exciting present of the Nintendo Wii. This technology soon provided great participation in active dancing as will be seen from following this links: Dancing at Christmas – 1 Dancing at Christmas – 2 On Boxing Day when we ventured out to the Odeon Cinema in central Bristol to see the first of the projected three films of The Hobbit. The 3D experience was good even if marshalling the glasses is a chore. Then, all too soon, the Crouch End and Epsom families departed for home A collected photo album is here Photos