The Lord Mayor’s Medal

Much to Tim’s surprise he was nominated to receive a Lord Mayor’s medal. This medal was presented by the Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Clare Campion-Smith, to Tim (and 19 other people) on 16th March 2016 for the contribution he has made to the Henbury Community over the last 15 years. The ceremony took place in the Mansion House, Clifton.DSC_1342 DSC_1351 DSC_1347

Le Fourchat conquered again

Almost three years after Marie-Jo and Tim climbed this formidable peak and in doing so demonstrated that there was life after 70 it, Le Fourchat peak, has fallen to a further determined assault by Sophie and Vanessa on 5th August 2015.

Sophie in the sunset with Risou in the background
Vanessa in the sunset with L’Archier behind